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onemorepanic - 2006-08-25

holy crap I love you.

MKULTRA - 2006-08-25

It is all about political expression.

enjoy - 2006-08-25

You need a vest, suspenders, or hawaii shirt to really rap well.

GoodAaron - 2006-08-25

"Talk to him." "I can't. Look how funky he is."

sosage - 2006-08-25

According to my charts, grandma's puke green 74 Malibu was the most hip hop character in this scene.

athodyd - 2006-08-25

I like how the others fell into formation as soon as she left.

Cameron - 2007-08-22

Also, I like how they circle each other like a coupla gunslingers.

zatojones - 2006-08-25

This was on Showtime at least 3 times a day for a while

boner - 2006-08-25

You got TOPPED!

bavariankumquat - 2006-08-25

yes, but who is the most popular girl?

Gurlugon - 2006-08-25

OH MY GAWWD! Let's go back the other way!

FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2006-08-25

Jesus, how did I live through this clip?

PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-08-25

I couldn't make it all the way through

Zhou Fang - 2006-08-26

The fall of Dude-a-tude.

TheSnake - 2006-08-27

I'm so embarrassed

stanleypain - 2006-08-27

Dear god, the pastels...

TEDA - 2006-08-29

My new favorite Teen With moment next to her blind date trying to force her to give road head.Yeah.

Hooper_X - 2006-08-29

........... WHAT

Testicles of Doom - 2006-09-02

This entire movie is comedy gold. I DON'T REALL GIVE A ____ ABOUT TRYIN' TA THAT!

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2006-09-04

I will never reveal how many times I've watched this

Grace Mugabe - 2006-09-15

Using the black arts to cheat in a rap battle? Is nothing sacred anymore, America?

MrTodd - 2006-09-17

"Let's go back the other way."

Caminante - 2006-09-22

If I was driving and saw these people rapping on the road, I'd probably run them over.

fluffy - 2006-10-22


fluffy - 2009-01-11

Clearly I didn't understand this site back when I rated this video. For that I apologize.

johnnyhamhock - 2006-10-22

I don't.... I...

Mayberry Pancakes - 2006-10-24

I have watched this like twenty times today

erix - 2006-10-25

Imagine seeing this today. You wouldn't even wait to roll down the window before you opened fire.

ebola - 2008-07-25

I love you.

carpenter - 2006-11-20

wait, suspenders aren't cool anymore?

Rafiki - 2006-11-23

Whoever rated this less than 5 better be able to top it

mysterycar - 2006-11-24

those three guys would fit right in at this hipster bar i know. awesome or sad? i'm not sure

Evilhead - 2006-11-24


Teldin - 2006-12-03

Words alone cannot do this justice. "Look how funky he is."

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2006-12-08

Average Homeboy has nothing on any of these people.

Camonk - 2006-12-12

Teen Witch is love.

Camonk - 2009-01-11

Kenneth performed this song on the latest episode of 30 Rock. That is so awesome.

Bort - 2012-07-08

The Teen Witch herself also appeared in an episode of "30 Rock".

santejay - 2006-12-16


SRF - 2006-12-21

This is one of my worst/best childhood memories

Namor - 2007-01-01

So funky

Portaxx - 2007-01-14

"You can nevah top that HUH-HYUH!" gets me every time

tamago - 2007-01-24


dead_cat - 2007-01-31

Wow. That was so bad it turned inside-out and became something of a religious experience.

Ellipse - 2007-02-14


Cube - 2007-02-16

Wish I could dance like that

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-03-17

"Lets go back the otherway." & "Are you kidding? I'm so embarrased!" THIS = ZENITH OF UNINTENTIONAL

B_Ko - 2007-04-24

These dudes have BADDITUDE

tenten - 2007-08-03

How'd Teen Witch and the bikes get to the other side of the uber rappers?

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-08-16

Magic, I would presume.

vecctor - 2007-08-17

If I had witch powers, this is exactly what I would do with them.

shutup_Aragorn - 2009-01-09

i would just make that song come out of everyone's boom boxes

Cameron - 2007-08-22

Biggies greatest influence.

Pie Boy - 2007-09-24

Wait, who won?

jihadbaby - 2007-11-01

Nobody. We all lost.

MindGeyser - 2007-10-11

This is why black people don't want white people anywhere near rap anymore.

commandocucumber - 2008-10-06

i fully sympathize with them.

ihounokyaku - 2007-10-26

You have to admit, it is pretty amazing how he can get his voice compressed withing an inch of its life without any special equipment.

tamago - 2007-10-30

One YouTube citizen commented that this video reminded her (or possibly him) of how they met their Japanese boyfriend.

That sounds like one of the best "how I met my husband" stories ever.

Gamara II - 2007-11-22

I want to be funky someday too.

sparklefatty - 2009-03-21

And you will die trying.

FISTFULLofSOUL - 2008-01-16

never mind Rodney King....this REALLY kickstarted the L.A. riots!

RomancingTrain - 2008-02-11

She's embarrassed ?

Lothar - 2008-04-16


Dancing is for girls (when a teenager).


Love the pastels- but The Jets wore them better.


Wearing pastels and greasy hair while rapping on a street corner does not make you "tough". Sissyboy.

Rape Van Winkle - 2009-01-12

I'm glad you were able to pare it down to a few serious stylistic criticisms.

soci-o-path - 2008-05-16

*tsk* white christian kids ...

1394 - 2008-05-20

I will never be hip....

buttnutt - 2008-06-25

also men in capris

top that

Geoff Marr - 2008-07-07

this is how eminem got into the business.

Tuan Jim - 2008-08-20

No love for the old stereo?

That was like the Wilford Brimley of boom boxes.

Jen igma - 2008-09-16

I will never be hip.

Lies, lies, LIES! - 2008-11-22

This makes me pretty uncomfortable.

Jupiter - 2008-12-03

I didn't understand the first half of this clip because I honestly thought this was the cast of Saved By the Bell. Is this movie just before my time?

I keep watching it to see if it makes more sense, and it doesn't. I just laugh harder.

allcaps - 2009-01-11

It is criminal that this has fallen off the All Time list. Let us fight to remedy this.

Poor Excuse - 2009-01-11

I'm with you allcaps

Myrmidon - 2009-01-11

Good god.

Rape Van Winkle - 2009-01-12

In the director's cut she slashed his pretty face with a razor.

Wytze! - 2009-01-15

Why can't I find funky guys to date in my town??

King of Balls - 2009-01-27

Paul Rudd nooooooooo!!!!

detc - 2009-04-03

What the fuck, no white people tag? What is this world coming to?

phalsebob - 2009-05-14

Gives you that tense, pained, and shrivelled feeling you get a few seconds after getting ballhammered, and lasts about equally long.

That guy - 2009-09-14

All Time

This is so cringeworthy that I started sweating. No joke.

Poor brains of teenage girls in the 80's, never stood a chance.....

Nikon - 2009-11-27

This is on par with GARBAGE DAY.

exar_kun - 2010-02-03

No wonder the black people hate us.

fulakarp - 2010-07-16

Can you imagine the sheer triumphant bliss this girl enjoyed? Having a day like this as a teenager would have changed my life forever.

Dread Pirate Roberts - 2010-11-02

Just found this in the All-Time favorites list.

Due to the unintentional "I'm embarrassed, let's turn around" section...It is now in my personal list too. I seriously thought for a second they were embarrassed about how stupid the guys looked. I was greatly mistaken.

themilkshark - 2011-01-17

You can't top that. So shut up.

twinkieafternoon - 2011-08-30

Best use of the hip hop tag ever. Because they were hip, and there was lots of hopping.

Riskbreaker - 2012-08-25

Poetv was never the same after this clip.

Bort - 2012-12-10

Just watched this whole movie to confirm a hunch: the lead rapper there is Noah Blake, son of Robert Blake.

The movie is ass, by the way, but there another couple brief rapping scenes that took the sting off.

pyslexic dharmacist - 2013-11-11

*slow clap*

reifiedandrefined - 2017-05-02

as of this post this has been here eleven years. still delivers.

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