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Desc:Colorful brassy pop from Denmark, they seem to love hip hop over there
Category:Music Videos, Pop
Tags:Danish, 2000s, magic deers, JaConfetti
Submitted:goethe re scape
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Comment count is 9
godot - 2009-03-07
Not really hip-hop. Vanilla R&B with a dancehall rhythm. Good.
goethe re scape - 2009-03-07
I said it was pop, THEY said they love to hippy hop. also as a side note I think "vanilla' gets unfairly maligned, its really a delicious rich flavoring, just like "butchering" is at its heart a careful art.
godot - 2009-03-07
No offence meant. But there is an interesting stream of JA dancehall inspired Danish music of late (see Enur's "Calabria"), and I hear it here.

Calling it hip-hop influenced is about as informative as calling it pop influenced. There's hardly any non-traditional pop music from the past 20 years that isn't hip-hop influenced in approach to sound sources, harmonics, etc. My favorite rock band of this era (My Bloody Valentine) only mentioned Public Enemy in their interviews.

Also, I didn't mean "vanilla" in a bad way. Vanilla has come to mean (in my world) the main river and not any tributaries or delta side outlets. This wouldn't sound out of place on teen demographic radio here, hence the label.

godot - 2009-03-07
An interesting dream that occurred to me listening to my singles folder:

Most of us know several mechanisms by which global technological society may collapse over the next century. In some respects, the part of R&B/American Black/West African Sahel music best preserved will be in its European derivatives.

Imagine a firelit Danish forest, with undulating singers attempting to mimic "I'm a slave for you", as part of some important festival (perhaps the autumn harvest). There is nothing particularly Danish about the song, indeed, the performers and audience may be wholly unaware of its ultimate origin, nor able to speak the language.

Will these be our main influences on a post-industrial society? What else is left behind (besides armed camps at the seed repository at Svalbard)?. Are the African rhythms improved by comixing, or diluted?

Thoughts brought to you courtesy of Vodka (TM).

goethe re scape - 2009-03-07
I think you've missed the boat, The lyrics in the song say "WE LOVE TO HIPPY HOP" that is what i've been referring to. if it makes you feel better later they also say "hey hippo hoppies/ taking over the HALL" Also in your defense its best not to pay attention to the lyrics in this song.

goethe re scape - 2009-03-07
I too, (completely sober) have pondered what music would be like if our industrial system collapses and energy becomes precious. As someone who owns synthesizers and drum machines and a music collection that is 98% digital (and about 99.9999% of my good music is digital) it has caused me some consternation . the loss of my music collection and no more toilet paper are what worry me most about a "collapse" scenario. I am not very practical.

godot - 2009-03-07
I've missed the boat many, MANY times. I think I was 7 years late to an apprecation of (for example) Spears associated production innovations. But its there. All commercially successful music conforms in its own way. Not to Spears or R&B, per se, but to something native to the human predilection for music.

Someday, at some threshold, that sort of teen (obsessive with sex, and how the opposite sex views one's own) will be considered native everywhere. Its f a natural analogue. Danish and other European musics mimic it, but that isn't novel.

What appears to me to be novel here (meaning the darwinistic environment of popular redio) is the (re)discovery that every culture had its rhythmic, danceable musical benefactors of ordinary human lust. R&B, the radio broadcast-era version of West African traditional music, was simply the musical version what first caught our interest. We could be fucking to pop tibetan buddhist chants, which have much the same meaning, but we aren't.

Ignore the last two paragraphs, if you choose. Danish or not, modern European pop music is as close to a sumnation of what music has meant, and has enabled, as any prior musics. The priorities of capital demand it. Plenty of individuals have undoubtedly mated because "Step Up" meant something to them.

godot - 2009-03-08
Yikes. Me, on 300 mL ethanol, on the interwebs.

kingarthur - 2009-03-07
Like Os Mutantes' and Shonen Knife's bastard pop lovechild.
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