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dr_rock - 2006-06-23

nice find. this was one of the worst movies ever. didn't even have michael myers... wtf?

PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-06-23

This movie is far creepier than given credit for

spookyelectric - 2006-06-23

I want to see this, Michael Myers be-damned!!

Caminante - 2006-06-23

Simultaniously one of the best and worst things ever put to film.

chumbucket - 2008-09-28

John Carpenter does that a lot

EvilHomer - 2006-06-23

YES! Up till now, I thought I was the only dork on earth who thought this movie rocked.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-07-31

Far better than most of the Halloween sequels.

FABIO2 - 2007-03-22

....did the video cut out before the scene got to the awesome part?

Jeriko-1 - 2007-10-29

Five'd because... Fuck, it has the SILVER SHAMROCK song. And it stays in your head forever!

Quad9Damage - 2008-02-16

The movie was just awful. It had one of the hokiest plots ever, broke continuity with the preceding films (an ad for the original "Halloween" appears on a TV) and was terribly scored. That jingle you just heard? Played throughout the ENTIRE goddamn thing, like every five minutes.

If you ever plan on seeing this, invite two of your wittiest friends over.

quantumcreep - 2008-09-19

Never seen it, but I've read that after the success of Halloween, they were attempting to write it into a series, with different plots for each movie. Halloween 2 was never supposed to be about Myers.

Then again, I don't even know my own name or how I ended up here.

Squeamish - 2011-12-06

Was I the only one who wanted one of those Jack O'Lantern masks when this movie came out? Those things looked boss.

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