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Artist:Neil Patrick Harris
Desc:Go ahead and laugh. Yeah, I'm a funny guy.
Category:Music Videos, Showtunes - Vocal Standards
Tags:horrible, joss whedon, NPH, Mal, BAD HORSE
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Comment count is 16
Musicals are by gay people and for gay people, but I enjoyed this for the most part.
The only musicals I'll admit I like are this, and that one episode of Futurama where Fry steals the robot devil's hands.

I'm a musical loving faggot. Doesn't change the utter horridness of this.
Corman's Inferno
You are wrong.

Favorite part: Rhyming "failure" with "Australia."

TeflonDoc, you and I did a man's job on I Fought the Law week, sir. You have reason to be proud.

Hence, 5 stars on this, though it's worthy of them anyway, and 5 more for your next submission.
Indeed, it was a job that needed to be done. I owe you a beer.

First two episodes were all right, but god, that ending fucking BLEW.
Corman's Inferno
I disagree. For once, Joss Whedon used his powers of wangst for good instead of evil.

Now an entire series about Bad Horse, THAT I could comfortably five-star.

Are you kidding? Are you saying that because the ending was sad(ish), or because you can't comprehend what makes it good? A show about Bad Horse would be just like any other cookiecutter supervillain flick.

His letters are pretty fucking awesome though, I'll give you that.

Sorry, I realize that was a bit hostile, I think it was anger carried over from reading DMKA's comment.

I was hoping for something witty and clever about the inevitability of death in general, instead I saw...... something?
Corman's Inferno
I'll admit, it's not so great stripped of context.

There is nothing more metal than the notion of Angels and Birds singing 'You're gonna die!'

That is the single most metal concept ever made manifest.
If I had a million stars for this line-up and the awesome work everyone involved did, I could better show my feelings, but alas...
The New Meat
The only thing good about Dr. Horrible was watching Felicity Day get killed.
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