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Artist:Ivan Mládek
Desc:70's Czech tv--about a swamp monster
Category:Music Videos, World - Ethnic - International
Tags:czech, facial hair
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Comment count is 9
Hay Belly - 2008-06-20
The subtitled one is better. Not as good without trans.
Hay Belly - 2008-06-20
I meant ENGLISH subtitles. D'oh.

Lurchi - 2008-06-20
1. I drive Skoda 100 to camp here on Orawa
So I hurry, take a risk - go through Morawa
The monster lives there, comes out of the bog
Eats mostly Prague citizen, its name is Jozin (Joseph)

Chorus: Jozin from the bog creeps through swamp
Jozin from the bog closes to the village
Jozin from the bog edges its teeth
Jozin from the bog bites, strangles
To defend Jozin from the bog, who could imagine, only works a plane with manure (white powder)

2. I was driving through the village on road to Vizowice
The village mayor greeted me, said to me during drinking Sliwowica (DIY plum vodka)
'The one who will bring Jozin dead or alive
gets my daughter and a half of National Agrarian Farm

Chorus: Jozin...

3. I said: 'give me a plane and powder, mayor,
I'll bring you Jozin, I see no trouble about that',
Mayor helped me, in the morning I went up in the sky
The powder from the plane prettily fell on Jozin

Samisyosam - 2008-06-20
Lurchi - 2008-06-21

KnowFuture - 2008-06-21

though to be fair, I don't think it would have shown up as a dupe since the original is on PoETV, not 73q.

And this is one of those clips where there might be 20 dupes of it up and I just couldn't bring myself to get mad about it since I watch it at least once a day anyway.

It's odd that a bunch of Czech people are singing this---this song was a way bigger hit in Poland than it ever was in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, the lyrics are actually in Polish, not Czech, etc.

DopeFiend - 2008-06-21
I like to think that Beardo McPalsy is supposed to be Jozin.
Oh yeah, I five-starred this cause I think it's hilarious. No subtitles needed.
tak_a_je_to - 2008-10-30
This song was originally written in Czech, actually. Mladek is a Czech, duh. The man singing is Ivan Mladek, the author. And he's singing in Czech.

The subtitles are in Polish, and I'm told the Polish version was also immensely popular, but it's still pretty obviously Czech...Morawe is Moravia, and Prazan refers to Prague.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be an ass. I just recently learned far too much about the history of this song, so I thought I would share my knowledge.

You're welcome.
Jaguar Wong - 2010-03-03
It's... looking at me.
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