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kiint - 2007-09-06

it provoked a nervous twitchy laugh from most who viewed it

a flaming monkey - 2007-09-06

The look of post-fellatio contemplativeness on the gorilla's face put me on edge at first...but then he rocked out and I was happy.

biclops - 2007-09-06

5 stars for his sincere dedication to supporting Phil.

Meatsack Jones - 2007-09-06

It is strange that I always pictured the drummer being a spastic gorilla on this song...thank you Cadbury for proving me right!

snothouse - 2007-09-06

That puppet is beautiful, even in close-ups.

hornung - 2007-09-06

Commercial needs to pay attention to detail; lack of fingerless gloves.

jangbones - 2007-09-06

Too long. Looks nice though.

pooter - 2007-10-20

I love how intense and into it the monkey is. Fucking awesome!

oddeye - 2014-04-07

fuck this song

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