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Desc:I don't even know.
Category:Arts, Music Videos
Tags:Thriller, Prison, philippines, inmates
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karl hungus
what the fuck is wrong with the philippines?
You mean, what is right with the Philippines?

This is ten thousand kinds of awesome.

Criminals make the best dancing zombies

Its not just Filipino criminals; ALL asians are obsessed with the Thriller dance. Its a fact.
Prison must be really boring
I knew shows like OZ were full of shit.

There's no magical revenge rapes, and shivving guys on the first day. It's all wonderful musical dance numbers.
Kudos to the cons.
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5 stars for the man in drag, and all the stars before me for somehow convincing a prison full of convicts to take performing Thriller this seriously.
Your Mother
The tranny deserves every star in the sky. This is amazing.

Must not have been very difficult to find a transvestite in a phillipine prison.

Canine Feces
God, she's cute!

Polysics, noooooo
Caminante Nocturno
Well, I'll be damned.
without the sound it seems like just a very scary prison
So did the warden threaten to kill anyone who didn't go along with this or something? I'm so confused.
I was blown away.
The man bitch does it for more.
That's rehabilitation right there.
Sean Robinson
I, from the very depth of my soul, believe that:

a) the guy who played Michael Jackson is the Filipino version of Bill Murray and the tranny is his geeky best friend

b) the guards were not given any advance warning and the prisoners all trained in secret, overcoming doubt and internal conflicts through their efforts

c) it was all done so that Flip Bill could impress the cute, spunky nurse and also to get back at the stuck up warden's cruel edict against cigarettes


d) someone, at some point, said, "This is just crazy enough to work."
I smell a "Best Foreign Film" Academy Award. Seriously, this is one of the best clips I've see off this funky thing called internet.

Aubrey McFate
This is like the opera scene in Shawshank, only much better.
And when they get released, they'll all have a real-world skill that will help them re-integrate with society.
If our prison systems were more like this, we'd have less crime, or at least more entertaining criminals.
This makes me believe that there is still magic in this world.

Also, this supposedly not the final version??
good. also, why?
Same guys as http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=15219. Also: wonderful.
They're doing the time of their lives!

A trillion and a half stars, holy hell.

I demand this warden go out on the lecture circuit.
Daughters of Uzbek
Sweet Lord in Heaven.
This is really how they sentenced the man in drag to death, ripped apart by dancing inmate zombies...what a way to go...
I'm delighted and confused. Is this a privilege or a punishment?
well my day just got a lot better
enki don't
Maybe they were all arrested for aggravated interpretive dance.

15000 hits from boingboing, thank you Cory "fucking hack" Doctorow.
That girl is probably the ugliest girl ever.
I don't mind the one-star, but is that really your reason?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm delighted by this. For an encore I think they should go for Rocky Horror. Camp in a camp.
In a mere seven days this has become the most popular clip ever posted to poetv, ever.

No one is more surprised than I am.

Between boingboing and neal boortz, i'm not surprised. my fiancee's co-workers were passing this around the office a few days ago. she was all "yeah, saw that already."

For the first few seconds I thought "why would they let a girl in with the prison population?" Then I realized what I would see when she turned around.
Five stars because people outside of prison aren't this cool. You could never organize this many people off the street to cooperate in anything half as cool.
Mayberry Pancakes
All I really want to know is why they're in jail. They're clearly capable of contributing to society.
Anyone who gave this less than five stars: What the fuck is wrong with you?
This video is played out.
Aubrey McFate
How is that the video's fault?

j lzrd / swift idiot
I regret that I have but five stars to balance out the 1-star jerkwads.

I saw this the first time, and it blew my mind so hard, I forgot the stars and fave.

Also, the warden of this prison REALLY DOES need to go on the Prison Lecture Convention Track; think if this was a special event for any prisoner who has served his time for his crime; you get the guy who's about ready to taste freedom be the lead dancer, get him some choreography skills, and on his release date, he busts out with the whole of the Prison Yard lined up to wish him goodbye, with AWESOME THRILLA MOVES, and walks out with his civilian clothes in hand.

Remind me not to worry about not committing felony offences in the Philipines. I'd commit myself to this jail if it was an asylum instead.

The new best thing about this is the list of all the random linkbacks. Thanks, zubazpants.com!
Pie Boy
Now I need a CPDRC Inmate shirt.

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TakingBackFlow (2 months ago)
Do thriller!

byronfgarcia (2 months ago)
ok, will do!
Geoff Marr
They should all be released on good behavior.
How is there so much beauty in the world?
I love how this actually happened.
I never rated this?! What the fuck
Jen igma
:D !!!!!!
for reminding us people will go to great lengths for crap they believe in.
Now I need a CPDRC Inmate shirt.
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