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EvilHomer - 2007-07-11

Makes Deliverance look like a pile of puke. I always felt bad for Steve, though... I mean, c'mon! After all that, and you expect us to believe that his character can't even play Paganini? Christ, even I can play the 5th Caprice better than that.

Old_Zircon - 2007-07-11

It's like Bobby's guitar duel with the devil from Kids In The Hall, only it isn't supposed to be funny.

If the blues hadn't already died by the mid 70s, this would have killed it.

Syd Midnight - 2007-07-11

Man alive. I got an mp3 of this scene and I loved it. I never knew the context, or how ridiculous it looked.

Lindner - 2007-07-11

Hey, all in all, it's one of the Karate kid's best films! It also bears the distinction of being the only one I have on dvd.

Mike Tyson?! - 2007-07-11

I swear this is the most retarded thing I have ever seen.

Xiphias - 2007-07-11

What's with the creepy black dudes?

Jimmy Labatt - 2007-07-11

Way awesome. And yeah Homer you're right about the Steve Vai thing; as if.

Xiphias: The creepy black dude in the audience is supposed to be the devil I believe.

EvilHomer - 2007-07-11

Yeah, the even more ironic part is that Steve Vai played the whole thing- both guitar parts, and Ralph just guitar synched for the camera. The contest was rigged, I tells ya!

The black dude is indeed the devil... his name's "Scratch" now! The plot of the movie was based on a number of the legends surrounding RL bluesman Robert Johnson, who sold his soul to the devil at a Missisippi crossroads in return for his ungodly musical abilities. Ralph's buddy and blues teacher, the old black dude, made a similar deal in his youth, so Ralph (being the dashing hero archetype he is) offers to challenge Scratch and win back his mentor's soul. Hence the duel. It's like "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", only with Steve Vai, Daniel-san, and a room full of dancing black people!

ztc - 2007-07-12

Man, I submitted this twice already and it never made it out of the hopper. This film's an idiotic classic.

Vicious - 2007-07-13

Guys, Steve Vai is making me very uncomfortable.

Spoonybard - 2007-07-14

My high school music teacher made my guitar class watch this movie. Twice.

SecretJunk - 2007-08-16

This and the 1900 film should go get a room already

abeli$con - 2009-06-19

The good natured racism evidenced in ralph macchio's oeuvre culminates in this film which also made me violently angry while I attempted to watch it. You cannot claim that any remake is worse than the original film until you watch Crossroads and Devil and Daniel Webster.

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