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sosage - 2007-06-01

God bless you Godfrey Ho. Also: Are ninjas within their jurisdiction to make arrests? Also Also: Beware nipple.

manfred - 2007-06-01

Oops, sorry. I didn't notice the titty.

boba. - 2007-06-01

dude really didn't need to backflip to avoid the throwing star or the smoke

Rudy - 2007-06-01

Proper appreciation for this movie should be taught in our public schools.

Hooper_X - 2007-06-01


1. Richard Harrison throws those stars like a total girl.
2. An evil ninja challenges a righteous ninja! Only a ninja can ninja ninja ninja a ninja. Ninja.
3. Backflipping makes you invincible.
4. Cartwheels are a quicker form of transportation than running.

StanleyPain - 2007-06-01

But where is EUGENE T. TRAMMEL?

garcet71283 - 2007-06-01

Infinite stars for the barely legal sampling of the first 9 seconds of the Imperial March.

Hooker - 2007-06-02

Overall, it's not one of Godfrey Ho's best. But the completely pointless ways in which Richard Harrison is hacked into the film is pretty astounding.

Hooker - 2007-06-02

This movie also features an unreasonable about of graphic sex.

athodyd - 2007-06-03

no amount of graphic sex can be considered unreasonable

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-07-02

How can this film exist? If I had directed a film when I was 11 years old, certainly I would've remembered it!

B_Ko - 2007-12-12

"He said something about a...a ninja. What's a ninja?"
"Nothing top worry about. they're a fairy tale. They don't exist."

Wombles - 2009-10-09

Warning: people denying the existence of ninjas may in fact be ninjas themselves.

lucienpsinger - 2008-11-15

I have yet to see a movie that Godfrey Ho had anything to do with that wasn't complete, exhilarating shittiness. It's all gold.

blood_visions - 2010-06-02

Richard Harrison says Godfrey Ho ruined his career. Clearly richard harrison is just an evil ninja

Old_Zircon - 2011-06-22

I have this on VHS and it is amazing from beginning to end.

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