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StanleyPain - 2016-05-08

Holy shit, I just bought their new album, like, a week ago. What a weird coincidence.
Well, I say "new" but it's really just a melange of old tracks mixed with a few new ones and then remasters of some older ones. As the story goes, if I recall correctly, they were basically faded into obscurity until their stuff from the early 80s got uploaded to YouTube along with a ton of other obscure minimal wave type stuff and somehow the composer or the singer (can't remember which one) stumbled across the videos whcih eventually put them back in touch with one another after years and they basically started making music again. I remember one of the comment threads on of these tracks (on YouTube) and it was amazing and touching seeing them re-connect after so long.

Merzbau - 2016-05-08

That's awesome! I'd heard a track of theirs before on one of the minimal/cold wave comps about 4-5 years ago, but forgotten about it so this was my first real introduction to them. It closes out Illum Sphere's surprisingly good mix for Fabric and made me sit bolt upright and google who the fuck this was IMMEDIATELY.

StanleyPain - 2016-06-11

Yeah, so the story behind Nine Circles is basically that supposedly neither of them knew that anything they ever wrote was ever recorded. They did a live performance at a radio station which was recorded and turned into tracks (like this one) and the person who dug up the tracks and wanted to release them desperately tried to find these people again. He found the woman who was the vocalist who had no idea this music even existed anywhere. She managed to located the keyboardist/songwriter who at one time had been her boyfriend and they sort of got back together after not having seen each other in like 20 years.
It was all one of those weird things to see on the internet when this minimal wave stuff was first getting exposure (tons of artists who almost no one had heard of). Really charming story.

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