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Artist:KT Tunstall
Desc:they don't sing 'faggot' in this one
Category:Music Videos, Misc/Unknown
Tags:Faggot, Fairytale of New York, Ed Harcourt, no homo, KT Tunstall
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Comment count is 7
infinite zest - 2014-12-14
"Cheap Lousy Blogger?"

Most versions I've heard cut the word out. It's kinda weird.. I never really noticed it in the song until some band whose name I can't remember just bleeped it out.

I could be hearing things, but did she sing "Cunt" instead of "Punk?"
Bort - 2014-12-15
Blaggard - (dated) A scoundrel; an unprincipled contemptible person; an untrustworthy person. Usually, only used to refer to a male person.

It probably comes from the older term "blackguard", whose origins are murky.

So yeah, we're good until "bum", "punk" (I hear it as "punk"), "slut", "scumbag" (i.e. a condom), or "maggot" becomes socially unacceptable.

Bort - 2014-12-15
I have to say something about this song in general, though: except for the Monarch / Dr. Girlfriend version, every single cover of it is exactly the same. They're all in E-flat (if my ears don't deceive me), same tempo, same instrumentation, same everything. Which I guess they're allowed to do, but if you don't bring your own mojo to the song, what's the point? KT fixed a word (as far back as 2007!) and I'm glad she did, and her version is lovely, but I wish she had worked out a different overall approach.

infinite zest - 2014-12-15
There was a really good one by this lo-fi band, who I think were called City at Night (?) from the early 2000s. I looked them up and it's not the same band.. anyway it's a super cool and cute cover that features the bleep I mentioned above. This was sort of Napster/girlfriends ago mix CD stuff but I might have it on a CD somewhere.

infinite zest - 2014-12-15
All I know about Tunstall is that Suddenly I See song, which was featured on one of those corporate mix CDs you're supposed to play at movie theatres (we didn't unless the boss was around) so I sort of associate her voice with cleaning up right after the movie got out..

Bort - 2014-12-15
Watch the video for "Suddenly I See" some time (I've made sure it's on 73q); even if you don't like the song, the video makes it fun.

infinite zest - 2014-12-15
Cute! She's kinda like Kylie Minogue to me now. The song is incredibly infectious and the video's great; she's a great songwriter with a great voice and I think I'm past the weird associations I had as a lowly usher guy spooning up liquids that would make those cyst videos that pop up on poeTV seem cute like cat videos in comparison to enjoy it. :)

I love the story of this song too. If I remember correctly it was Elvis Costello who bet Shane that he couldn't write a holiday song to save his life and this song was the result. I remember hearing it for years on the mall's sound system during Christmas season before I had any idea who the Pogues were, and I like to think that whoever was doing the music just kinda snuck it in.

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